Citizenship by Investment or CBI as its commonly known, are government programs aimed at attracting foreign direct investment into the country by providing citizenship in exchange for an investment.

CLD Corporate Services Ltd has partnered with service providers in two of the most important jurisdiction for obtaining Citizenship by Investment: Dominica and St. Kitts. 

Why would you need second citizenship?

  • Freedom of Movement
  • Ease of Travel
  • Plan B with Second Citizenship
  • Economic Stability
  • Business Opportunities
  • Physical Safety
  • Child Education through Second Citizenship
  • Family Legacy with Second Citizenship
  • Tax Efficiency with Second Citizenship
  • Relocation Services in Europe
  • Status Symbol


Residency or second residence, as is more commonly known, are programs that Countries establish in order to attract investment, talent, and of course, people looking to retire or simply live in. So, it really depends on the circumstances. Perhaps you are looking for second citizenship? (some programs allow that goal after some years) or maybe you wish to live in another country? Maybe your current job expatriates you? Maybe you are looking for tax benefits? There may be other reasons you want to move out of your current country of residence, but whatever the reason, make sure you do your research!

At CLD Corporate we have helped hundreds of clients obtain their residency in Panama and now we are also helping clients to obtain legal residence in Portugal, Costa Rica, and other countries. 

As we cannot pretend to know every law or have a solution for every single situation, we have established a network of partners that we work with for many years, therefore you can rest assured that whatever the reason you have to reside in another country, the process will be handled professionally.

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