Bank Accounts

One of the prime reasons for incorporating an international business is to gain privacy, protect your assets and very often operate with flexibility.

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A company or the structure you have chosen is not complete if you do not have a bank account where to deposit your savings, business profits, interests, royalties or dividends or if you simply wish to have an account where you can have private banking and wealth management services.

In this matter, CLDCorp can render its services by helping you set up the bank account or bank accounts for your business or wealth management purposes.

After September 11, 2001, various international scandals and pressure from organizations like the FATF, OECD, and others; banks around the world are required to know its clients, therefore, the option of opening bank accounts remotely, although still available, it's very limited and often complicated.

Nevertheless, CLDCorp will help you navigate through the process by pre-filing due diligence to have a clear picture of the business and be able to recommend the bank that best fits you, also, we will check all the forms and requirements you need to fulfill and determine whether these are up to the banks' requirements.

We can help you set up bank accounts in several jurisdictions:





Puerto Rico

St. Lucia



* Please bear in mind that a personal visit is normally required in this case, but the bank may accept to interview over the phone or a video call.

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