And that’s how I retired in Panama

At the end of the year, during the holidays on a cold Minnesota winter night, William visited his father, Mr. John. He took the kids, and Susan, his wife. Between laughs and anecdotes, William had something spinning in his head; he’d already been worried for months: “Where can I retire?”

After a while, William and his father walked upstairs to the home office and discussed William’s concerns. As he looked at the photos pinned on the wall, he remembered his summer trips to Panama. All his memories came rushing back like an avalanche. All these incredible possibilities that this tiny tropical country had to offer. Here is where the beginning of a significant life decision began.

His father reminded him of all the advantages of spending the holidays in a warm and beautiful place like Panama.

The family photograph was hanging just next to the old PC monitor. It showed the whole family on the coast, wearing shorts, t-shirts, and sunglasses; this reminded him of how happy, safe, and connected they felt to the country’s culture. At that moment, William realized something vital. “Dad,” he said. “What happened to the beach house investment you made all those years ago in Panama?”

Mr. John told him that the house had been sold, due to timing issues, and that all of his businesses were now in Minnesota. William thoughtfully asked his father if he remembered who he had sold the house to in Panama. Thankfully, Mr. John remembered who he had sold the house to and urged his son to go to Panama.

William left that office with a smile on his face and only one thing in his mind, “I have the opportunity to invest and retire in the tropics, and I will do it.” After this, Susan asked what the joy was, realizing she had not seen her husband this excited for years. William told her only one thing, “I have a surprise for you, but first I must visit Panama for one week.”

A perplexed Susan asked, “Panama? The tropics? …I didn’t know you liked the tropics!” She exclaimed. Susan told him that she understood it was an excellent destination, but she didn’t know much about the country.

After days of planning, William finally arrives in Panama. He observes and analyzes all the changes of the last few decades, such as infrastructure, laws, culture, and amenities that the country now offers compared to years before. Excited by everything new and at the same time consumed by nostalgia, he manages to contact the person whose father sold him the old beach house.

It so happened that Mr. Maximo, the house’s current owner, wanted to sell it, along with a piece of land on the same side of the road. So that he could continue building or use it as some investment. Excited, William explains that his father used to own the house.

William tells Mr. Maximo about all the memories he had made there and how important it was to repurchase the beach house. Mr. Maximo would come to terms with William as long as William decided to buy the land next door. Perplexed by the condition he presented, William chooses to call Susan and explain the surprise he had carried from Minnesota to Panama. Still, it was not turning out as he thought it would.

To his surprise, Susan had been investigating all about Panama during the week. She told William about the advantages of acquiring the land at the same time as the house. She explained the difference in taxes compared to the US, the infrastructure advantages, and the possibility of leaving a heritage to your children and grandchildren in a place as beautiful as Panama.

Excited to have the support of his wife, William decides to make the purchase, enlarge the house and be able to leave everything in order in this beautiful country of the tropics.

In the end, William returns home with the family jewel that brought him such joy when he was younger. Now he will bring his children, investing in a place to retire but, more importantly, leaving a heritage that will last for generations in the family.

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