United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a fast and efficient registration. It is a very stable jurisdiction with an excellent reputation. Companies can be established electronically in one day. Besides, this country has strong commercial relations with Central American jurisdictions.

The main attraction of the United Kingdom is its flexible regulatory framework, through which it offers not only favorable conditions for international business but also a complete list of international agreements to avoid double taxation.

All UK companies are residents of the United Kingdom for tax purposes under the “incorporation rule”. This results in the responsibility of worldwide income and income tax, subject to a double tax exemption. The current UK corporate tax rate is 19% (the rate will be reduced to 17% in the year 2020).

The legislation of this country provides for the establishment of British companies (Ltd) and limited companies (LLP), which are attractive instruments for international investment and trade activities.


The directors of the company can be of any nationality and can reside anywhere. At least one director is required.

The Shareholders of the company can be of any nationality and can reside anywhere. At least one shareholder is required, this may be the same person as one of the directors. There is no upper limit for the number of shareholders and a shareholder can be a person or a corporation

The company must have a registered agent, a registered office, and a company secretary in the United Kingdom.

The details of the Shareholders and Directors appear in a public registry that is fully accessible.

The company must maintain accounting records, however, it does not have to maintain records in the United Kingdom.

Offshore companies in the United Kingdom are highly recommended in the following cases:

  • Holder of bank accounts, fixed deposits, investment plans and any other financial or commercial title
  • Owner of the shares of other companies or legal entities
  • International leasing of aircraft, vehicles, machinery, and others
  • Borrow or lend money, pay or receive commissions, royalties or others
  • Marketing and promotion of products and services
  • Exploit the vast network of double taxation treaties


Basic price.

Company registration US$350.00

Renewal US$350.00

Apostille per document  US$247.00 standard and US$513.50 express
Notarization of documents Depends on the documents
General power (if CLD provides the director) US$250.00
Nominee director (annual) US$500.00
Nominee shareholder (annual) US$500.00
Courier  from US$100.00
Bank accounts Case by case
Certification of the registry US$200.00
Resoluciones after incorporation US$175.00

* Nominee directors and nominee shareholders are provided by our Panama office. Should you require nominees to be provided in the UK please inform us accordingly.