One of the main reasons to start a business in Malta is that the process of forming a Company in

Malta is pretty straightforward and lacks complications. The most important thing to note is that

you would never need to be present in Malta to form a Maltese Company.


The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is an autonomous public authority entrusted with

the regulation of financial services in Malta.


The MFSA also houses the Registry of Companies where all commercial partnerships, including

companies are registered regardless of what type of activities they carry out.


The Registry of Companies is a public registry and all registered information and documentation are

available to the public. The Registrar of Companies is appointed in terms of the Companies Act


Advantages of the Jurisdiction of Malta


  1. Tax exemptions: 5% implied Tax on profits from trading activities of the Malta Company and full exemption on participating holdings.
  2. Limited liability with minimal paid-up capital requirement for the Maltese Company.
  3. Business can be conducted internationally and with minimal changes through the Malta Company.
  4. The Malta Company will be incorporated using your desired name (subject to approval by the Registrar of Companies).
  5. Companies registered in Malta are considered resident in Malta, wherever ownership or management exists or business is carried out.
  6. Non-residents are freely entitled to hold shares or offices in a Malta Company.
  7. Annual and general meetings of the Maltese Company may be held outside Malta.
  8. Malta Companies may hold funds in banks outside Malta.
  9. The company formation procedure in Malta typically takes 48 hours.
  10. Companies can be re-domiciled to Malta.
  11. Highest level of privacy protection.


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Basic price.


Operating or holding company registration US$7,000.00




  • Covering the preparation of the necessary statutory documentation;
  • Registration for income tax and VAT (if applicable);
  •  Requesting a Duty exemption in terms of Article 47 of the Duty ad Documents and Transfers Act (if applicable)


The fees above do not include the initial paid-up share capital in the new company (Minimum Share Capital required is €1,200 out of which €240 must be paid up at incorporation stage).

The fees above do not include the registration fee payable to the Maltese Registrar of Companies which varies according to the initial authorized share capital. The minimum fee payable is €245 for issued share capital that does not exceed an authorized capital of €1,500.




Registered office address US$2,000.00


Bank accounts US$2750.00
Secretarial work and maintenance of company registers US$1,150.00
Auditing and preparation of Financial Statements US$2,500.00
Income tax compliance US$1,150.00
Fiduciary shareholder US$4,700.00
Maltese resident director case by case
Maltese resident secretary case by case
Services of virtual office US$2,500.00
Contract drafting (per hour) US$300.00

* Nominee directors and nominee shareholders are provided by our Panama office. Should you require nominees to be provided in Switzerland please inform us accordingly.

All the above fees are subject to VAT at the rate of 18%, as applicable in terms of the Maltese law.

Regarding other services, prices will be given upon request.

Any specific advisory required is chargeable separately and generally depending on the time and complexity of the situation at hand.