British Virgin Islands

BVI is an internationally respected financial center that connects markets, facilitates investment, trade, and capital flow. BVI is a world leader in excellence and innovation in financial services and an essential gear in the global economy. As a British Overseas Territory, the BVI offers all the security and stability that is traditionally associated with the British flag.

Key features.

  • A director is required, who can be a natural person or other legal entity of any nationality or jurisdiction.
  • A shareholder is required, who can be a natural person or other legal entity of any nationality or jurisdiction;
  • Bearer shares are not allowed;
  • Registered agent is required;
  • No secretary required;
  • Exemption of all local taxes.
  • Well developed financial services industry.
  • The legal system of common law based on Anglo-Saxon law.
  • There are no currency restrictions.
  • Company documents are well known and widely recognized by international banks
  • Information on shareholders and real beneficiaries is not public
  • Information of the directors if it is public as of 2017.
  • Subject to an analysis of Economic Substance.
  • Accounting is required (anywhere in the world)
  • Companies incorporated in any other jurisdiction can be continued in BVI as a “Business Company”.
  • BVI may, where the laws of another jurisdiction permit, change of address to said jurisdiction.
  • Failure to pay government fees would cause the company to be eliminated and automatically dissolved.


Recent Amendments.


On January 1, 2007, the Virgin Islands of Commercial Companies British Law of 2004 became the only Commercial Companies Law in the BVI.

The BC Law of BVI eliminates the differences between ‘local’ BVI and ‘offshore’ legal entities. The term “International Business Company (IBC) ‘was replaced by the term” Company (BC)’.


The Law on Commercial Entities (Substance Requirement) entered into force on December 31, 2018. This law requires that certain legal entities that carry out relevant activities demonstrate adequate economic substance in said jurisdiction.


Compliance and reporting requirements appear in the rules of economic substance and in the explanatory notes (the Rules), which were published by the BVI International Tax Authority (ITA) in the draft on April 23, 2019, and finalized on 9 October 2019 to reflect comments from the EU and industry.

The relevant activities are:


1) Banking business

2) Insurance business

3) Fund management business

4) Leasing and financial business

5) Company headquarters

6) Shipping business

7) Distribution and service center

8) Intellectual property

9) Holding companies understood as a “holding entity of pure capital”.


The current international view of BVI by International Organizations.


International Organization White List Grey List Black List


Precio básico.


Company registration US$1,300.00


It includes:


  • Certificate of incorporation issued by the local registrar.
  • Memorandum and articles of Association.
  • Registered office and agent.
  • Stock Certificate (s)
  • Resolution appointing the director and issuing the company’s shares


Renewal US$1,000.00


It includes:


  • Annual license
  • Registered office and agent.
  • Verification that the company complies with local legislation.



Apostille per document or set

US $ 150.00 per document certified by resident agent + $ 240.00 per notary / apostille in a single set.

If the set includes more than 3 documents, add $ 90.00 per document for notarization

Notarization of documents (per doc) US$125.00


From US$500.00
Power of attorney (If CLD  provides the director)  US$150.00
Nominee director (annual) US$500.00
Nominee shareholder (annual) US$500.00
Courier from US$100.00
Certificate of good standing US$350.00
Dissolutions US$1,000.00
Certifications issued by the Registered Agent US$150.00
Certifications issued by the registry US$160.00
Domicile US$1,000.00 (depends on the capital)
Change of registered agent to us Please contact us
Change to another registered agent US$400.00
Resolutions post-registration from $195.00

* Nominee directors and nominee shareholders are provided by our Panama office. Should you require nominees to be provided in the BVI please inform us accordingly.