Belize is a stable and peaceful democracy in the heart of Central America. It is well- regulated, yet user-friendly jurisdiction offering a wide variety of international financial services. The Government of Belize is committed to sustaining the growth and development of the international financial services sector.


Modern and up-to-date Belizean legislation provides maximum flexibility concerning the protection of assets globally, as well as in the areas of tax planning and investments.


Key features.


  • You can conduct business inside and outside Belize.
  • Absence of exchange controls.
  • It is not necessary to publicly disclose the name and identity of the owner or owners.
  • A director is required, who can be a natural person or other legal entity of any nationality or jurisdiction.
  • A shareholder is required, who can be a natural person or other legal entity of any nationality or jurisdiction;
  • Bearer shares are not allowed;
  • Registered agent is required;
  • No secretary required;
  • The meetings of shareholders and directors can be held outside of Belize, by telephone or other electronic means.
  • The domiciliation of foreign companies and a Belizean company in another jurisdiction is allowed
  • The company can be registered in any language.
  • Accounting is required (anywhere in the world);
  • Subject to proof of Economic Substance;
  • Details of public knowledge: name of the registered agent and registered address, name and address of the director;
  • Failure to pay government fees would cause the company to be eliminated and automatically dissolved.

A current international vision of Belize by international organizations.


International organization White List Grey List Black List


Basic price.


Company registration US $ 900.00


It includes:


  • Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation
  • Registration certificate
  • Stock Certificates
  • Shareholder Registration
  • Directors Registry
  • Resolution appointing the director and issuing the company’s shares
  • The first year of the annual license


Renewal US $ 800.00


It includes:


  • Registered Agent / Registered Office
  • Annual license
  • Verification that the company complies with local legislation.



Apostille by document or set

Document notarization (per doc)

Notarization of documents (per doc) US$50.00


General power (if CLD provides the principal) US$250.00
Nominee director (annual) US$500.00
Nominee shareholder (annual) US$500.00
Courier from US$100.00
Certificate of tax exemption (when applicable) US$250.00
Dissolutions US$1000.00
Certifications issued by the Registered Agent US$100.00
Certifications issued by the registry US$150.00
Certificate of Incumbency US$225.00
Certificate of good standing US$150.00
Redomicile $750.00/$1750 (depends on share capital)
Change of registered agent to us $75.00
Change to another registered agent US$400.00
Resolutions after incorporation US$150.00

* Nominee directors and nominee shareholders are provided by our Panama office. Should you require nominees to be provided in Belize please inform us accordingly.