CLD Corporate Services Ltd. has been successfully providing international corporate services since 1999. Our main offices are located in Panama, a prime jurisdiction that has been offering for more than 85 years Legal Services to the Financial and Legal Industries.

Estate Planning is drawing a plan or a course of action, for when we are no longer here, on the assets that belong to us. This can definitely be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be that way. On the other hand, good estate planning implies that you have control, as far as possible, about how your assets will be divided. It also involves you reviewing your plan from time to time, in order to keep it up to date, especially if you are accumulating assets and/or people that you want to include in your planning.

Citizenship by Investment is a government program aimed to attract foreign direct investment by providing citizenship in exchange for an investment. Residency is a program that countries establish in order to attract investment, talent, and of course, people looking to retire or simply live in.

A company or the structure you have chosen is not complete if you do not have a bank account where to deposit your savings, business profits, interests, royalties or dividends or if you simply wish to have an account where you can have private banking and wealth management services.

Any company that wishes to commercialize its products or services in the Republic of Panama should consider registering the related brands, as well as its Patents so that they can protect their rights as owners of said IP.

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